IR 1500mm Zoom Lens

High resolution, High contrast
"CATS"is designed as infra-red corrected lens from visible to
near infrared region optically, therefor re-focusingof the camera is
not needed in day and night for 24 hours surveillance.
Any illumnators by visible and infra-red light are acceptable in
the night for "CATS" simply.
Suitable for various surveillance,suchas border, harbour,Airport,
under 24 hours long distance observation.
Improve visibility by natural infra-red ray through fog and haze.


Model Number RHM60Z1245GP-EXFIR
Iris Type DC (Auto)
Mount C
Format 1/2inch
Focal Length 12.5 - 750 mm / 25 - 1500 mm (2x Ext.)
Iris Range F4.5 - 360 / F9.0 - 720 (2x Ext.)
Angle Field of View
1/2inch W : 35.5°x 28.7°x 21.7°/18.2°x 14.6°x 11.0°(2x Ext.)
T : 0.61°x 0.49°x 0.37°/ 0.31°x 0.24° x 0.18°(2x Ext.)
1/3inch W : 27.0°x 21.7°x16.4°/ 13.7°x 11.0°x8.2°(2x Ext.)
T : 0.46°x 0.37°x0.28°/ 0.23°x 0.18°°x0.14°(2x Ext.)
M.O.D 6 m
Dimension 114 (W) x 100.5 (H) x 293.6 (L) mm
Weight Approx : 3200 g