IR 30X Motorized Zoom Lens

24 hours surveillance for long distance
Refocusing is not required at all focal length position
(10-300mm) for day & night with IR illuminator
High resolution, High contrast
Compact, and light weight


Model Number RHM30Z1028GA-IR
Iris Type Video
Mount C
Format 1/2inch
Focal Length 10 - 300 mm
Iris Range F2.8 - 360
Angle Field of View
1/2inch W : 43.6(D)x 35.5(H)x 27.0(V)
T : 1.5(D)x 1.2(H)x 0.9(V)
1/3inch W : 33.4(D)x 27.0(H)x 20.4(V)
T : 1.1(D)x 0.9(H)x 0.7(V)
MOD 3 m
Dimensions 105.0 (W) x 92.0 (H) x 221.5 (L) mm
Weight Approx : 2500 g